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Magic Expanding Water Beads 10000PCS/SET

Colorful beads that grow in water. Sounds crazy, right? But with these expanding water beads, magic happens as soon you place the beads in a large container. Fill it with water and give them 5 hours to fully expand.  It’s that easy.

Bored? Want to take your event to the next level? Endless fun is what these beads promise! Not only can they be used for parties, but they can also be made into works of art. Your creativity is the limit! Many happy customers use the water beads for decorating their home and office. Children have enjoyed water fights more than ever when the beads are involved!

Material: Non-fade, non-toxic, non-flammable,100% biodegradable crystal soil
Color: Multi-color
Quantity: 10000pcs per set
Size: 9 mm-11 mm (after soaking in water)
Best for: Planting, home decor, sensory play.